OptConnect For All Your Summer Events

Simple, Reliable Cellular Connectivity

OptConnect Cellular Connectivity has been optimized for live events. Whether you are participating in a fair, festival, or concert venue, OptConnect will provide you with trouble-free cellular connectivity, and priority over other cellular signals. 

Plug and Play

OptConnect provides you flexibility to connect your device, no matter where your event is located. No longer worry about connecting to a local wifi network, bring your own connection. Just plug in and go.

Learn more about how OptConnect can help you this event season.

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Event Pulse

Event Pulse gives your connections priority in crowded cellular environments.

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Month to Month Plans

There is no need to commit to a long-term plan for a short-term event. OptConnect offers month-to-month terms starting at just $40. Once the event season is over, simply return the device or convert it to a long term contract.